• DC fast charging system
  • home appliance
    home appliance
    The micro AC synchronous motor , brushless DC motor, oven probe thermometer,oven receptacle are common components for home appliance. For instance oven , microwave oven, wash cleaner, electrical cooker, air fryer and so on.
  • Camera monitor
    Camera monitor
    The majority CNC machining parts for camera monitor or amplifier are appearance part and are required high quality for surface. Usually, the finish of these aluminum CNC machining parts are black anodized and blue anodized. The product is checked one by one before shipment.
  • Energy saving fan
    Energy saving fan
    In recently years,micro brushless DC motor was applied to energy saving fan. The fan with brushless motor is very quiet and the power is low.
  • VR glass
    VR glass
    The small brushless DC motor for VR glasses should be very precision. This precious brushless DC motor is to control the direction of lens in VR glasses.
  • Electronic Scale
    Electronic Scale
    Precision CNC steel parts and precision aluminum CNC machining parts used for electronic scale. The precision of this kind CNC steel machining parts is very high and the wall thickness of some positions are very thin. So it requires high technology and abundant experience to produce the steel CNC...
  • robot cleaner
    robot cleaner
    Micro DC brushed motor and DC brushless motror are used for robot cleaner. The brushless DC motor has long life time and low noise. The life time of  brushed DC motor is relative shorter and the noise is bigger than brushless motor’s. The price of brushed DC motor is much cheaper than brush...
  • air purifier/air cleaner
    air purifier/air cleaner
    5V/12V/24V outrunner brushless motor is applied to air purifier/cleaner
  • rechargeable cooling fan
    rechargeable cooling fan
    Micro brushless dc motor is applied to popular rechargeable cooling fan.
  • massager
    Outer runner brushless motor are widely applied to massager chair, facial gun,
  • amplifier
    CNC machining aluminum parts and CNC machining steel parts are used for amplifier.
  • cooling fan umbrella
    cooling fan umbrella
    MEPS developed brushless DC motor for umbrella with cooling fan around 6 years ago. This is precision brushless DC motor which sold over 2 millions pcs per year. The cooling fan umbrella are very popular and fashion now.